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How to Buy
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Here are some rules and instruction on how to buy pictures and covers you would like to buy:

1. First choose the picture or the cover that you like ..
2. Mail us on: and let us know the picture or the cover you want to buy by using the star name, and we will directly delete it from the site.
3. When we will reply your e-mail we will tell you when you have to send the money and it should be in the registed post to make sure of the receiving and the payment..
4. We will give each costumer 1 month for his payment and If we didnt recieve it we will put the picture or the cover again for other people to buy it..
5. If you always buy from us for sure you will get alot of prizes and surprizes..
6. You can send us the name of the stars you want and then we will send you all the pics and covers we have, so then you buy them in one time and save your money.
7. Our Adress is: Bollywood Stores.
P.O Box 6298
Ras Al Khaimah
United Arab Emirates
Notes: (We took 2$ for the shipping)..
We have only 3 copies from each picture...